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    Mr. Shennib is an inventor entrepreneur with 20 years experience in medical devices from start-ups to large established global operations.

The Leadership

Adnan Shennib, President & CEO
Mr. Shennib is an inventor entrepreneur with 20 years experience in medical devices from start-ups to large established global operations. Mr. Shennib is the inventor and developer of the invisible extended wear hearing aid and holds over 30 patents and 50 publications and professional presentations. Mr. Shennib began his medical device career with Intermedics in 1984, a pacemaker company acquired by Guidant in 1998. Mr. Shennib joined ReSound in 1988, then a start-up company, to develop the world's first remotely controlled and most advanced hearing aid products on the market at that time. ReSound completed an IPO in 1993 and was later acquired by GN Nordic. Mr. Shennib founded Decibel Instruments and developed its patent portfolio acquired by the Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Patent Partnership (HIMPP). Mr. Shennib also founded InSound Medical in 1998, serving as its Chairman, President and CEO until 2003. While at InSound Medical, he invented and developed the invisible Lyric™ hearing device and secured its FDA approval. The Lyric™ is the world's smallest and only extended wear hearing device on the market. The Lyric™ is a recipient of the 2009 Medical Device Excellence Award, CNN Top 10 Health Innovations in 2009, and was featured in Inc. Magazine and Dr. Oz. Show. Insound Medical was acquired in 2011 by Sonova-Phonak for a total of $169M. In 2004, he founded the Center for Medical Device Innovations (CMDI) which is an incubator for medical device ventures. Mr. Shennib was involved in raising over $40M in equity financing for the various medical device firms he started. Mr. Shennib holds B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas.

The Advisory Board

Ned Scheetz
Ned Scheetz is the Founding Partner and a Managing Director of Aphelion Capital, an investment firm specializing in medical technology. From 1997 to 2004, Mr. Scheetz was a Managing Director of Piper Jaffray Ventures, Inc., a major venture capital firm with over $200 million in assets targeted at the healthcare marketplace. Prior to joining Piper Jaffray, Mr. Scheetz was a Senior Research Analyst for Janus Capital where he concentrated on the Medical Technology and Biotechnology markets and was responsible for over $1 Billion in direct public investments. Before joining Janus Mr. Scheetz spent a number of years in product management and sales with both Eastman Kodak and Kraft. Mr. Scheetz is an active Board member of Solarant Medical, Thermics, and Vitruvian Orthopedics. He has served on the boards of Altiva, Axya Medical, Broncus Technologies, Eunoe, InSound Medical and Suros Surgical and made private investments in Alsius, Angioguard (JNJ), Asthmatx and Fox Hollow Technologies (FOXH). Mr. Scheetz is a graduate of Colby College and Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. He was also a postgraduate scholar at Oxford University.

Selected list of issued U.S. patents invented by CMDI staff and advisors:

Patent #      Title 

Semi-permanent canal hearing device
Canal hearing device with tubular insert
Removal tool and method for extended wear canal devices
Intracanal cap for canal hearing devices
Inconspicuous semi-permanent hearing device
Extended wear canal device with common microphone-battery air cavity
Remote magnetic activation of hearing devices
Disposable extended wear canal hearing device
Remote magnetic activation of hearing devices
Personal hearing evaluator
Direct tympanic drive via a floating filament assembly
Semi-permanent canal hearing device
Canal hearing device with transparent mode
Miniature plastic battery assembly for canal hearing devices
Canal hearing device with tubular insert
Elongated oval battery assembly for canal hearing device
Hearing device with protruding battery assembly
Extended wear canal hearing device
Articulation assembly for intracanal hearing devices
Battery enclosure for canal hearing devices
Spatialization for hearing evaluation
Direct tympanic membrane excitation via vibrationally conductive assembly
Selectable handle for hearing devices
Virtual electroacoustic audiometry for unaided simulated aided, and aided hearing evaluation
Method and apparatus for the mitigation of noise generated by personal computers
Spatialization for hearing evaluation
Highly configurable hearing aid
Articulated hearing device
Intracanal prosthesis for hearing evaluation
Inconspicuous communication method utilizing remote electromagnetic drive
contact transducer assembly for hearing devices
Headset hearing tester and hearing aid programmer
Character pattern recognition and communications apparatus